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Our Story

Balancely’s mission is to empower yoga teachers, fitness instructors and wellness practitioners to grow their home-based businesses with one integrated solution to meet all their business needs.

When introduced, Balancely premiered as a one-of-a-kind platform in the "pre-covid era". During the pandemic, a group of wellness instructors started offering their classes and services online. With a community-first approach and support from instructors, Balancely has become the home for wellness teachers and holistic coaches who manage their business, while serving their clients and staying in touch with their followers.

Our vision is to have empowered and passionate instructors making a difference in the well-being of their students through proven and effective wellness, fitness and mindfulness practices.

We are committed to our purpose of providing tools, resources and opportunities to our instructors. We empower them to deliver quality and safe well-being solutions and help them expand their business. We are constantly evolving with new capabilities and features by listening to our community.

Who We Are

Why work with us?

Balancely is the most affordable, all-in-one platform, offering premium business tools to our community. Instructors can now provide high-quality wellness solutions to anyone, from anywhere, at anytime!

Best of all, it’s free to sign up and you can expand over time as your business grows. Instructors don’t have to pay staggering percentage commissions on their earnings and the monthly booking fee is smaller compared to generic platforms that claim to cater to the wellness industry.

We love working together to help you grow and customize your business. Your content, your marketing, your products… all working seamlessly together!

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What do we provide?

Balancely is a powerful platform to manage the entire workflow – easily create your class listing, have students sign up for online and in-person classes and get paid easily!

  • Balancely integrates with Zoom to quickly create online links for your classes
  • Balancely connects with Stripe and PayPal to get you paid fast
  • Balancely helps your business grow, with integrated features to earn more money -– you can offer gift cards, provide seasonal packages, sell pre-recorded video classes and more!

Balancely provides a solution for instructors to expand their fitness and wellness teachings from the comfort of their own home, which removes the barriers for many to join a studio or gym. Get started today for free. Sign up now.

Our Mission

How do I learn more?

Request a free demo and we'll customize a program to help your business grow!

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