3 Differences With Online Workouts

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There are many differences between online workouts and in-person classes. Discussing the differences can hopefully help fitness instructors adapt quicker to teaching to a camera and create workouts that create more engagement. In this video, Tyler Valencia goes over three differences with online workouts and how you can learn from them to grow your online workout business.

One of the important factors differentiating these two formats is that there is more than likely only one person on the other end of the workout. For that fact, you want to teach to one participant which might include changing your verbiage or how you talk to the camera. This creates an experience that hopefully connects that person to you and makes them want to return. If you treat an online workout as if it were an in-person class, you can get lost in the explanations or even how you market your classes.

With online workouts, using royalty free music has been debated and even looked down on by some fit pros. Using companies like Epidemic Sound can help fit pros find music that sounds good and helps you attract new members. Another part of this is that online workouts do not need to heavily rely on music for motivation. During an online workout an instructor is over communicating how to perform an exercise and over instructing to help verbalize their thought process to the viewer on the other end.

Use these tips to help you grow your online workout business and organize your classes.

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