Creating Your Own Branding Kit

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Branding your health, wellness, or fitness business is one of the quickest ways to elevate your outward appearance to a professional level. When your branding across your social media, websites, and emails is cohesive, customers notice and are more inclined to invest further in your service. Non-branded businesses stick out like a sore thumb and allow other small businesses to elevate quicker. In this tutorial, Tyler Valencia shows you how to create two elements of a branding kit, the color palette, and font. These are two of the three elements of a basic branding kit and can all be created within Canva.

Canva is a free tool that only requires your email address to sign up. With the free account, you can access many templates, editing tools, and export options that help you build each desired social media account. Canva does offer a paid “pro” account that unlocks a plethora of editing tools, such as music options, background remover, and other editing tools, which come in at $12.95 USD.

One of the hardest things when building a social media channel for your business is keeping on-brand. Staying on-brand is a necessary step these days that helps the consumer recognize your brand and creates a sense of security when it comes to making a sale. With the Pro version of Canva, fit pros can upload their logo, set their font, and create a color palette for their business. If none of these items are created, Canva has templates to make a logo and various tools to help you customize them to your liking.

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