Creating a YouTube Online Workout Channel feat. Courtney Andersen

By: Customer Support

When it comes to YouTube, it’s important to know that it is a marathon and not a sprint for most fit pros. Courtney Andersen is a fitness professional that knows all about this journey and shares her insights in the latest episode of the Balance Podcast. Prior to going fully online with YouTube, Courtney was a fitness instructor that worked in gyms teaching multiple formats as well as a full-time mom of three. Courtney starts this episode by sharing her style of workout videos and how she has come to film at many popular outdoor locations in Southern California. Then, Courtney shares some advice for fitness professionals that are thinking about making that leap into online workouts. The biggest one that Courtney explains is the freedom to teach the formats that you like. She shares an experience she had working for a gym where they wanted her to only teach their specific classes, and how with YouTube she can program the length, exercises, and tone.

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