Do I Need a Gimbal?

By: Customer Support

You’re maybe at the point where you want to level up your social media content or content your filming for a YouTube channel. A gimbal might be a tool you’ve heard of and can be a fun addition to your creative process. Using a gimbal helps you stabilize a recording while you are holding the camera. It is a device that your camera or smartphone attaches to, and absorbs the force from moving side-to-side or up-and-down.

In this tutorial, Tyler goes over two types of gimbals that vary in price and the type of device you can utilize it with. After talking about the benefits of using a gimbal, Tyler shows two real examples using a gimbal so that you can get ideas to use this for your business. Also, Tyler shares some examples of where he wouldn’t use a gimbal. Even though this is a great tool for creating content, there are some situations where using a gimbal might not be ideal for the person holding it.

Give this video a watch and let’s hear how you might use a gimbal!

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