Three Areas to Improve Your Online Workout Engagement

By: Customer Support

When you’re building an online workout business, knowing that people are watching and enjoying your classes is always a nice item to track. Creating content that makes new members want to check out and invest in your services is a process that takes time. So what are some suggestions that can help your workouts evolve and become more professional? In this tutorial we talk about three areas that you can work on to improve engagement and get more people enjoying your online workouts.

The area we discuss is music. Online royalty free music for fitness professionals has become a big area to consider and has evolved over the last few years. When looking at all the options, the best recommendation is to take your time and make sure the service you invest your money in crosses off all the requirements you need for your business. Take your time and don’t feel bad about taking advantage of the free trials that some of these companies offer. The provider we recommend is Epidemic Sound (link below) due to the quality of their music and also the price!

When you plan and script your content you can make sure you’re hitting all the items you wanted. Once the record button hits, sometimes we get nervous and forget key items that we usually mention, but planning out each workout can help you stay on track. Remember, nobody can see what’s behind the camera and you can use that to your advantage.

The last area we talked about was editing. This is one that will take time to develop but is an area that takes your online workouts to another level. Adding titles, a second camera angle or even improving the audio will go a long way in making your online workout appear (and sound) more professional. Use free services when you can and once you’re ready there are many professional software companies out there that can help you reach another level.

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