Managing Online & Live Training feat. Joe Alvarado

By: Customer Support

YouTube is a real career path for health & fitness professionals across the globe. Over the last few years, professionals have seen that people not only enjoy the experience of working out from home but know it can be a great addition to their offerings. But let’s not discount the power of adding online to your live training. Joe Alvarado is a Team Leader at LifeTime Fitness Centennial, a Stages Master Educator, and YouTube Cycling Instructor. In this episode of the Balance Podcast, Joe shares what his favorite aspects are of YouTube and how teaching online has positively impacted his in-person training.

One of the interesting tidbits that Joe shares is how he uses royalty free music for his online and occasionally in-person cycling workouts. He was like many fitness professionals that weren’t sure about the quality of music, but after investing his time into searching different playlists, he has seen how good royalty free music can be! Utilizing royalty free music more with his YouTube channel has helped him grow his subscriber count which is currently over 2k!

Joe hopes that anyone listening to this episode will feel empowered to try online workouts and continue growing into 2023!

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