Creating an Instagram Reel with Saved Audio

By: Customer Support

Making Reels on Instagram has become easier and there are plenty of options that help you create entertaining content. One way that might be new to you is using “saved audio”. If you’ve ever watched a Reel on Instagram and wondered how someone uses the same audio for their video, this is the tutorial for you. In this tutorial, Tyler Valencia, PhD(c) goes over finding original audio and then saving it to your account so that you can create a Reel when ready. This way of making Reels is useful because your content will show up under these audio files on Instagram in the future. This allows your account to grow organically and hopefully help you find new clients for your business.

When looking for audio files to create Reels one of the best tips is to think outside the box. Of course, we want the quick fix when it comes to figuring out these items, but often some of the best content is when you use your imagination. The original audio you’re listening to might not be in the area that you work in but when you apply your clips and enter your description it all comes together as a Reel that is entertaining.

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