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Starting a podcast as a health & fitness professional can be a great business tool for so many reasons. One reason that has been highlighted in previous episodes of the Balance Podcast is being able to work on your public speaking skills. Public speaking is a frightening task for many people but such a necessary tool for individuals that work in this profession. If you want to film content for social media, build an on-demand library, or speak at conferences, public speaking is a part of it! With podcasting, you are recording on your own and formulating your content without the pressure of someone watching. In this episode of the Balance Podcast, host Tyler Valencia, PhD(c) goes over four parts of starting a podcast and companies that can help you along the way.

Another great reason for starting a podcast is adding a benefit to your members. If you can bring on guests from around the health spectrum to provide their advice to your members, you can add one more value of being a member of yours. For example, if you run an in-person bootcamp, having a guest come onto your podcast to talk about sleep can be a great topic that helps them with their overall wellness. On top of that, this guest may want to share the podcast within their network which gives your business organic cross promotion.

This episode of the Balance Podcast hopefully provides another business building tool for listeners that they can utilize right away. After listening, hopefully they feel empowered and hear how easy it can be to get started today!

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