Switching from Live to Online Workouts feat. Kelly Favret

By: Customer Support

One of the biggest benefits of doing online workouts is the flexibility. Not just for the fitness instructor but for the individual participating in the workout from home. If you are filming and creating online workouts, there’s no set time that you must show up at a gym and you’re able to create a schedule that works with your lifestyle. In this episode of the Balance Podcast, guest Kelly Favret shares her journey with online workouts over the last few years and what she is doing now with Time 2 Train Fitness. Kelly started her own online workout community and went through the pains of trying to figure out audio hardware and royalty free music, all before she joined the Time 2 Train Fitness team.

Kelly shares the benefits of creating online workouts that have helped her with being a busy mom of two. Also, Kelly shares some advice for instructors who are struggling with creating quality online workouts. One of those tips is finding a quality mentor that is knowledgeable in online workouts. There are a lot of fitness “gurus” who claim to know the nitty gritty of online workouts, but ultimately are trying to sell their own products.

Take a listen to this episode and share it with a friend who is struggling to grow their online fitness business!

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