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When you’re trying to improve the quality of your content, a tripod is a great investment to assist you. The issue is that tripods can sometimes be bulky or not easily transportable. The TONEOF Selfie Stick Tripod is an affordable tripod that health & fitness professionals can utilize to help them record content for social media or online workouts. In this review, Tyler Valencia goes over the benefits of the TONEOF tripod and gives two examples of how you can utilize it.

One of the biggest benefits of the TONEOF tripod is how quick you can set it up. This tripod can be set up in less than five seconds and put away in the same. This is useful for health & fitness professionals because that means we can spend more time coaching or working with our clients. Another benefit of this tripod is that you can use it for portrait or landscape mode. Reels are an important tool for Instagram and Facebook, and this tripod can easily go between both modes. 

Stick this tripod in your bag and use it to build your business!

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