3 Beginner Tips for Filming Online Workouts

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When you’re starting to film online workouts, you don’t know where to start. Your first thought is to teach like you would a normal in-person class, but in reality there are some differences that you learn from gaining experience. In this video, Tyler Valencia goes over three beginner tips for filming online workouts. 

This video focuses on tips that every online instructor goes through and learns from the journey of filming content. The first one discussed is using your entire filming space. Keep in mind that the person watching the workout only sees what’s on the screen. If you have a couch or any type of clutter outside the frame, nobody sees it. So… use it to your benefit! Along those same lines, use your proximity to the camera to connect with the viewer and showcase certain exercises at a closer range.

Tip number two is to use all the cues you know for an exercise. Since you typically do not know who is watching your online workouts, over cue an exercise to help them learn each movement. Do not feel bad if you repeat a cue or over explain an exercise. Since all individuals learn at a different pace, it might take someone multiple times of hearing a cue for it to finally register in their head.

Lastly, be yourself. Being yourself on camera is a tip a lot of experienced online instructors will share. If you make mistakes or make a joke, USE IT! Be yourself on camera because that is what people come back for.

If you’re an experienced online instructor, what tips have helped you along the way?

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