Upgrading Your Online Content feat. Sean Sewell

By: Customer Support

Creating quality online content is an important part of building your fitness business from a hobby to a career. Quality content is not only branded but is appropriate to your audience. In this episode of the Balance Virtual Trainer Podcast, guest Sean Sewell shares his insight into affiliate marketing, upgrading your online workout hardware, and how to be authentic with the content you create. Sean is the owner of Colorado Personal Fitness, Engearment, and is a consultant for individuals hosting online events. With Engearment, Sean creates online content for outdoor products from Patagonia, North Face and other outdoor retailers.

Over the last two years, Sean has taken his knowledge from creating online content and used it to improve his online workout business. In this episode, Sean jumps into his recommendations for where to start and what areas to emphasize at first. Investing in cameras and microphones can be a large cost, but these are items that can make your content appear more professional and lead to other opportunities. For example, Sean has helped host in-person and online events for StrongFirst using multi-cam set-up and switchboards to capture video and audio.

One of the best pieces of advice Sean shares is about being authentic with the content you create. If you’re starting to create affiliate content, select products that you utilize, and feel will benefit your audience. Not only does this help the review appear more authentic, but it’s true to your audience. Your audience should help you select what products you create reviews for and help you with the why behind each review.

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