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An important decision as an entry-level personal trainer, group exercise instructor, strength coach, or wellness coach is which employment status will benefit me most. When you’re new to the health & fitness industry, there are many options, but which route is the most viable? Host Tyler Valencia, Ph.D.(c), reviews employee and contractor benefits for instructors trying to decide where to start. These options can differ by location and what you feel more comfortable with at that point in your career. You can typically work through both statuses and grow your work day. 

While working in the health & fitness industry can be nice, it often takes time to make a decent wage. Instructors work when clients have free time or need time to sell themselves to clients. That is usually before a potential client’s work day starts or ends. This leads to a non-typical work day that some are not used to but can change as you gain more experience and grow your client base.

When you’re starting in the fitness industry, what are your options? Do you have to immediately become an employee at a gym or work at an established business? Are there other routes that suit your personality and current work experience? These items are not typically covered in an entry-level educational course for health & fitness professionals but should be a regular topic to consider. If you know your options, you can hopefully turn your passion for helping individuals improve their health into a long-term career as an instructor.

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