Cross-Promoting Your Social Media Content

By: Customer Support

Creating engaging social media content has become easier than ever. Instagram has made finding and utilizing its templates much easier, and with those created videos, you can (and should) cross-promote on other platforms. It is a much-debated topic on whether you should create “original” content for each platform, but what’s the difference if you’re using the same videos for each short-form Reel or Short? In this episode of the Balancely Podcast, host Tyler Valencia goes over how easy it’s become to cross-post your content on all the social media channels and then goes over a step-by-step example you can use today.

One of the biggest takeaways of this podcast episode is making sure you know where your demographics are. This is the first major topic in this episode because it helps you, as a creator, maximize the time you have to create content. If your audience isn’t on a specific social media platform, don’t make that platform the one you spend the most time on. Each social media platform skews a certain way with its demographics, and finding out that information will help you organize your time with your business goals.

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