Handling Social Media Topics with Clients

By: Customer Support

Social media has always been a hot topic for health, wellness, and fitness professionals. There are still some professionals that don’t know the power of social media for their business and some that only see the negative. The negative side of social media can come in many ways and one common occurrence for professionals is when a client or potential client asks about a post they saw on social media. When you know that a post includes false information or can harm individuals with their health, how do you approach these conversations? In this episode of the Balance Podcast, host Tyler Valencia shares about a recent Instagram Reel that was shared with him that contained incorrect information and how professionals can discuss these topics with their clients.

By approaching these topics with a positive response, professionals can show their education, and professionalism, and build on their existing relationship with a client. By going the other way and negatively attacking a post, a professional loses out on an opportunity to showcase their education in their given field and build trust in the investment the client has made.

Listen in on this new episode and let’s hear about recent interactions that you’ve had!

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