Showing What’s Important on Social Media

By: Customer Support

What do you post on social media? How do you think it portrays you as a fitness professional, wellness coach, health coach, or yoga instructor? Bringing your thought process around to “what is important to me” on social media can help you not only figure out what type of content to develop but also help you build your audience. These days, consumers want to know more about their instructors and what they value. If you think about it, social media can act as those small superficial interactions you have at the gym with potential clients, and that sometimes lead to bigger investments in your services. Using your social media as this medium can help expand your audience to a global scale and help you focus your attention on the type of content.

In this episode of the Balance Instructor Podcast, host Tyler Valencia, PhD(c) goes over how he’s been viewing social media and some strategies he’s been using to grow his audience. One of the most useful tools on Instagram right now is Reels. On the platform, you can find free templates that you can integrate your content with or find audio files that you can save later. Creating Reels has become easier than ever and this allows you to develop more engaging content.

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