Which camera for online workouts?

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Where do you start when you’re looking to improve the quality of video for your online workouts? This may be for a YouTube workout channel or maybe an on demand library that you’re building. In this review, Tyler Valencia goes through three different options that also come in at three very different price points. Depending on where you are in your creator journey, any one of these can provide an upgrade over a camera built into a laptop.

An important thing to keep in mind while watching this review and looking at different options, is there will be a learning curve for all of them. Even though each of them will require some learning and have varying steps to creating content, there are free resources out there to help you along the way. Most individuals watching this review are looking for improvement and keeping that mindset will help them find more tutorials and steps to help them build their business.

While this video mentions fitness professionals, keep in mind that it can apply to those in the health & wellness space. Video camera options are not selective to the field you work in and you can apply all these variables to your coaching business.

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