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Elnaz Aslanian

I started karate when I was 5 and got my black belt in Shotokan Karate at the age of 16. Karate blessed me with a great physical foundation, but I was eager to know more about the aspects of mind, emotions, and the mind-body connection. Having a strong physical body didn’t help me with the stress level I had and I suffered from IBS since I was 13. In 2004, I joined the Pranic Healing School and got introduced to meditation and Pranayama (breathing techniques). I started Ashtanga yoga and spend some time in the Iyengar school of yoga. Throughout various techniques and yoga, my IBS symptoms lessened and I was able to manage my daily functions. Almost 6 years ago, I joined Vinyasa Flow classes at YogaWorks studio and fell in love with it. I continued practicing and gained my 200hr Yoga Alliance Certificate and started teaching. Since then yoga is my number 1 passion and I love to extend my knowledge to others:

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